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The Power of a Plan; Women & Wealth Workshop

  PPS Advisors Presents; A Special Workshop on  The Power of a Plan: Women & Wealth Know Your Finances Set Clear Financial Goals Capitalize on tax-advantaged retirement planning vehicles Establish an investment plan     Speaker: Colette Frey-Bitzas Certified Financial Planner,™MBA When: Thursday, May 15th Presentation: 6:00 to 8:00 pm Where: Setauket Neighborhood House 95 […]

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A Special Workshop on Social Security

PPS Advisors Presents; A Special Workshop on Social Security When and how to start receiving Social Security benefits. How Social Security benefits work for you and your spouse. Opportunities to increase your benefits throughout retirement. Refreshments will be served Speaker: Colette Frey-Bitzas Certified Financial Planner,™MBA When: Wednesday, April 9th Presentation: 6:00 to 8:00 Where: PPS […]

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Six Retirement Planning Tips for Those Over Age 50

Reinvesting your dividends can help to grow your account balance over time. Entering your 50s and behind in your retirement planning goals? Don’t fret. You’ve still got time to get your financial plan back on track. There are many steps that older investors can take to better prepare themselves financially for retirement. Here are six […]

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Five Common Retirement Planning Mistakes

It is difficult to create an effective investment plan without first targeting a specific dollar amount and recognizing how much time you have to pursue that goal.   Only 14% of American workers say they are “very confident” they will have enough money to live comfortably throughout retirement. 1 To help reduce such uncertainty from […]

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Stay or Roll Over? What to Do With Your Old Retirement Accounts

Having your retirement portfolio in one place can make it easier to track performance, ensure proper asset allocation, and make changes. How many retirement accounts do you have? If you’ve changed jobs a few times over the years, you could have several accounts housed in different employers’ plans. While it is certainly acceptable to leave […]

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Thinking About Life Insurance? Start Here

Universal life policies are highly flexible in regard to premiums and face value. Do you need life insurance? If there are individuals who depend on you for support — financial or otherwise — you probably do. But what kind and how much? Below are some definitions that can help you familiarize yourself with insurance products. […]

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Social Security 101 – Part I

Do you fully understand the logistics of Social Security? If not, no need to worry, this 4 part blog series is geared to inform you on Social Security and the options that may be available to you or one of your family members. What is Social Security? This system of social insurance benefits available to […]

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